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consumer -- [ indiscernible ] the company decided to recognize antarctica as a country. >>> toyota is responding to critics tonight after a j todaying warning about one of its suvs. maureen is back with your fox 5 top five. >> reporter: up first, toyota's new move to try to reassure consume e. number five toyota is testing all of its suvs to make sure they're not susceptible to rolling over the. the move comes after consumer reports issued a don't buy rating concerned it could topple. the automaker is testing ought toyota and lex suggestion suvs. number four the economy may be rebounding but the housing market is still struggling. a record number of homes fell into foreclosure in the first quarter of this year. that is according to realty track. that is a 35% increase from last year. and they expect to see a million foreclosures this year. >>> number three, don't blame the video games if your teen doesn't get a good night's sleep. a new australian study found it took teens who play -- [ indiscernible ] -- only slightly longer to full a sleep. >>> number two, put johns hopkins unive
into what caused the blast are under way. >> we have some news of an important decision by toyota. the company says it will stop selling alexis suv because of rollover concerns. "consumer reports" issued a rare label not to buy the vehicle for the 2010 lexus gx 460. the magazine says it has handling problems that could cause it to roll over during sharp turns. toyota will conduct its own testing and is alerting current owners about the problem. >> coming up, the first lady's first solo trip includes a special stop in haiti. >> and a common mistake that could delay it millions of tax returns. >> first, another warm up is on the way. we will have some sunshine possibly today. brian van de graaff will tell you. traffic and captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> we have a soggy start to the day, especially west of 95 spirit up and down to 70, 66, 70. if and east of interstate 81 corridor. once the skies cleared last night, it turned into a fog. the sky is done in a lot brighter as the sun is getting ready to rise. not very foggy in alexandria. there is a
a helicopter and walking tour of the widespread damage. >>> time is 4:38. more troubles for toyota. the new problem that has it pulling another vehicle out of the showroom. >>> a woman assaulted near a busy metro station. a man was able to attack her without anyone seeing. >> do you need your umbrella? we'll have your weather and traffic after this break. >>> and a good wednesday morning everybody. middle of the week is finally here. it's 4:41. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. yesterday had plenty of clouds and rain showers around. not a whole lot of rain, ended up between .1 and .25 inch. a little less out across northern virginia. temperatures this morning martinsburg in the 30s now, 36 in martinsburg, 34 hagerstown, 39 in fredricks and skies tried to clear out. as a result early this morning we have patchy dense fog to watch out for. temperatures will climb into the high 50s and low 60s with the return of sunshine by mid to late morning. jerry. >> chuck, hopefully the sunshine will wear off some of the fog. in some areas very dense. capital beltway off the wilson bridge had overnight
. >>> we are on your side with the new safety warning about another toyota vehicle. consumer reports magazine has uncovered global problems with the new lexus gs 460. toyota has sold about 5000 of the vehicle in the three months since the suv went on sale. toyota has not commented on the morning. -- warning. severe storms dumped a lot of rain in florida. cars were stalled. flood advisories were in effect since yesterday. looks like that is headed our way. >> we aren't going to get anything heavy. we were in the 70's yesterday. >> it is starting to feel normal. >> it will warm up by the end of the week. 65 on thursday and friday. cooling off on the weekend. >> i don't know whether to keep my jacket on or off. >> let's show you what's happening. let's show you the time lapse from early this morning. we have glimpses of sunlight along the horizon. as the day went on, the crowds continued to get thicker. eventually some showers and a little fog as light rain continues to fall. raindrops coming down across the city. 57 is a warm spot south of town where they're not seeing rain yet. 54 deg
for drivers. toyota's latest troubles coming >>> charges are being considered today in the case of a tennessee woman who sent her recently adopted russian son back to moscow. torre hanson put the 7-year-old child on a one-way flight back to russia last week. she attached a note saying that the orphanage she adopted him from failed to disclose psychological problems. an attorney is havinging child abandonment charges but may have to be filed in virginia. the loudoun county prosecutor says that alone does not give him jurisdiction to prosecute and does not plan to bring charges. >>> a verdict in a multimillion dollar sex abuse lawsuit against the boy scouts of america. jurors in the oregon case have ordered the organization to pay a portland man $1.4 million because of repeated sexual abuse he suffered from a scout master back in the '80s. the jury decided the scouts are libel for punitive damages and negative general for failing to take steps for preventing abuse after keeping a secret list of suspected ped fills for -- pedophiles. >>> the nebraska's republican governor signed an abortion law t
and the protests are headed to our area. we'll explain. >>> more reaction from toyota following the latest setback. we'll have more. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >>> toyota says engineers are working to correct the stability problem on the 2010 lexus gs 460. because of rollover danger, the magazine consumer reports slapped a do not buy rating on the truck. toyota immediately stopped selling these models in the united states. toyota says it does plan to testing the safety of all of its sport utility models one more time. >>> a 9-11 style terror plot has been uncovered in iraq. u.s. security officials say iraqi forces kept it from happening. they arrested two men who are allegedly part of al-qaeda in iraq. they weren't far in their planning but they did apparently plot to hijack airplanes and target crimes. >>> michelle obama met with her mexican counterpart yesterday. this is bels obama's firefighters solo foreign trip. next month, president obama and the first lady will hold a state dinn
. >>> the latest this morning on the efforts to resume flights grounded by disruptive volcanoes. >>> plus toyota is taking action after "consumer reports" magazine advised drivers not to buy a new lexus suv. >>> and things looking up in the forecast. your weather and traffic are next. >>> good morning, time for weather and traffic on this tuesday morning, on tom kierein in storm center 4. we have temperatures around the metro area in the mid and upper 40s. but the shenandoah county getting some patchy frost possible. warren, shenandoah, page, rockingham and augusta counties, high clouds coming in from the west, ahead of the rain-maker that will be here tomorrow morning. for this morning, high clouds around, we'll have sunshine, low 60s by noon. and upper 60s during the afternoon hours. and cloudy tonight, down to near 50 by dawn tomorrow when we'll likely have light rain moving in from the west. occasional light rain tomorrow, highs low 60s. thursday, some sunshine back into the upper 60s. and upper 60s on friday and partly cloudy. a look at the weekend in ten minutes coming up at 4:51. >>> now
mortgage giant now the focus of a criminal investigation. >>> plus, deadline day for toyota. will the company pay up on that record government fine? >>> toss out the calendar. it doesn't feel like an april morning out there a check of weather and traffic next. >>> weather and traffic on the 1s. it's 4:41. chilly 47 degrees in washington. and it's in the mid 40s in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery county now in the low 40s. quite a chilly start this morning. we have it down into the 30s in prince william, culpeper. this zone here may be getting scattered frost so if do you have any tender plants, any house plants you set outside early this season, bring them in. and southern maryland now in the 40s as well as northern neck and eastern shore. now over the last 12 hours we've got high pressure over us with clear sky and we'll have lot of sunshine today. afternoon highs should climb into the mid 60s and overnight tonight another clear night. mid 40s tomorrow morning and by tomorrow afternoon into the mid 60s again with lots of sunshine. then we'll have a so
in a decade. and it is just the latest safety concern for parent company toyota. nbc's leanne gregg has more. >> reporter: just what toyota didn't need -- don't buy recommendation from "consumer reports" for the 2010 lexus gx 460 suv because of rollover risks. >> we are telling people not to buy it until that is fixed. >> reporter: the problem, electronics stability control system, reportedly doesn't intervene quickly enough when the vehicle slides out of control during sweeping turns. those findings from "consumer reports" standard handling test. >> the rear wheel could slooif off the pavement or hit a curb that could lead to a tripped rollover. >> reporter: adding to rollover concerns the gx is tall with a high center of gravity. consumer watchdog group says no other suv in recent years slid out as far as the lexus gx. the don't buy recommendation follows toyota's recall of a dozen vehicle models in recent months over sudden acceleration issues. a crisises that it damaged its reputation. in a statement released by lexus, the car maker says, quote, we will try to duplicate the consumer repo
of rolling over during certain turns. it is the latest news to hurt toyota's reputation, after recalling millions of vehicles due to faulty gas pedals. toyota says it will try to redo the test that consumer reports did and try to fix the problem. >>> results fell short of expectations. analysts keep an eye on the aluminum business. since it signals manufacturing trends. for more news, click on seeks money watch.com. in new york, i'm farnoosh torabi. >>> a group of tiny tightrope walkers test the limit by sending a 3-year-old on the high wire. >>> the little girl walked the wire without a balancing pole, almost 30 feet up above six hungry siberian tigers. you can see, she's persistent. she fell three separate times. she started tightrope training when she was just 1 year old. do you think it's time to take her away from those people? >> the purpose of that with the bengal tigers, beautiful as they are, and hungry. >> i think we'll see a follow- up story to that story. that leads our news the next day. all right. >>> coming up alt 4:00. change your diet. a new report links food to alzheima
of murdering her daughter. >>> at 4:45, what toyota is now doing in response to possible rollover risks posed by suvs. >>> president obama says that the u.s. space program is not a luxury but a necessity for the nation. mr. obama made that comment in a speech at kennedy space center today. he is trying to reassure workers there that he's committed to nasa's space programs. here is kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: at a place deep in space history president obama outlined his vision for its future. >> i am 100% committed to the mission of nasa and its future. >> reporter: the plan includes an extra $6 billion in funding, continued construction of the o'ryan castle for emergency evacuation from the international space station, and development of a heavy lift rocket for destinations that could include mars. >> by the mid 2030s i believe we can send astronauts to mars and return them safely to earth. >> reporter: it turns over? duties to private space companies. and that has drawn from congress. >> does threaten the national security that we cannot put our people in space on our own terms and with o
. the numbers reflect toyota's fading reputation after a massive recall of millions of vehicles. but analysts say it also shows a growing respect for ford. its reputation revived because it did not accept the taxpayer bailout whale make a better, more fuel efficient car. gm says they are designing and producing best cars they've ever produced. rising sales allowed them to repay their loan years ahead of schedule. >> people are buying chevrolet. they are buying buick. they are buying gmc and they are buying cadillac and they are buying because third party experts agree our quality, our value, our design and our performance are rapidly improving. >> this survey was conducted in march when toyota's recall schedule was in the news. then only 15% of those polled said toyota make the best car. that is town from 25% in 2006. in washington, brian wilson, fox news. >>> speaking of money, ben frank lynn get august bit of a make over. we are talking about the benjamins in your wallet. >> the $100 bill is getting a new look. bad news for counterfeiters. we'll show you the changes coming up next. >>> welc
magazine warned its readers not to buy the lexus 2010 gx 460. that's because of rollover dangers. toyota owns the lexus brand and the lexus gx 460 owners can get a loaner car while the company figures out the problem. the national highway transportation safety administration will also conduct tests on that vehicle. >>> today thousands of people are using tax day to show their frustration with the government. they are headed to washington for a series of protests and rallies. live look now at the washington monument where one of those demonstrations is scheduled to take place later this morning. news4's tracie potts reports. >> reporter: amid today's last-minimum tax rush the irs admits it's already overpaid almost 30 million in refunds over new tax credits. >> the tax man cometh. next few years, will he be coming with a vengeance. >> reporter: taxes are lower this year but experts say expect them to go up as the government trace to cover massive deficits. president president obama is trying to get wall street to do their part. >> expecting taxpayers to bail them out when things go sour i
kids' swimwear is 55% off. go to jcp.com to see everything on sale. jcpenney. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >>> washington nationals continue to have the problems with the national league champions. another losing cause in philadelphia tonight. things are looking good for the nationals early. take some of the middle. alberto gonzalez, come on home. nats, 5-4 at that point. the phillies taking it -- phillies 14-7. >>> in baltimore, a pair of home runs with the rays bombing the orioles. they fall to one in eight, there were start to a season since 1988 -- their worst start to a season since 1988. >>> game one of the playoffs for the capitals. they are welcome the montreal canadiens. winning the stanley cup is premature. he is thinking about just montreal. >> our goal is to win it. if it takes eight games, we play eight games. the minute you start thinking it is important to win it in four or five, you are in trouble. we are playing a good hockey team that has beaten us twice this year. we anticipate a long series. we hope
's rates compare to the rest of the country. >> just when toyota's problems seem to be settling down, the automaker puts the brakes on one of its lexus models. >> here he is. >> he is here. >> but where specifically? >> it looked like that. >> and we will tell you how the baltimore city police department is using modern technology to make fighting crime a bit easier. >> changes on the way in the weather. the chilly rain todaying moving south. skies are clearing out. it is going to be cool in the morning, but a warm up is in the way. >> and then, g.m.'s, you use it to get home. now baltimore comes are using it to fight crime. the new tech noth >> well, tonight our i team gets an inside look at the latest step baltimore police are taking to use technology to head off crime. >> the same system that is used to navigate roads is now used for public safety. jayne miller has details. >> the yorlse opening day drew big crowds. fans may have gotten lost in it, but city police officers working the stadium that day we were accounted for every moment through satellite tracking. >> the officers l
achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> the wizards snapped their 16-game losing streak tonight and new orleans. washington beats and orleans, 96-91. the big easy, the wizards had the 12-point lead, but then had to hold on. the hornets through the press, the wizards went into a full panic, could not handle it, turning the ball over. the wizards' lead was cut to two. 94-91 washington, the great look from beyond the arc, bang. if he hits it, it is over. instead, the wizards finally win. >>> the redskins' preseason schedule has been released and it will play the buffalo bills and the baltimore ravens at fedex field, then the jets and cardinals on the road. >>> mike shanahan was in texas, watching " mccloy it worked out. scouts from virtually every team was there. he threw 55 passes, none of them hitting the ground. his only not is he is only 6 foot 1 inch. if the rams did not take sam bradford, the redskins will take him with the urth pick. >>> the nationa
95 building back into that work zone. back to you. >> thank you, steve. >>> toyota agreed to pay a record $16.4 million for failing to properly notify the government about those sticking gad pedals. the government says toyota knew about the defect last september but didn't issue a recall until january. a recall that involves some 2.3 million vehicles. the law requires any defect to be reported in five days. transportation secretary ray lahood said "toyota put consumers at rick by failing to report the safety problems." this fine is the largest ever required of an automaker by the u.s. government. authorities are investigating other toyota disclosure practices that may have violated federal law as well which could result in further fines. >>> a charles county community is in mourning today after a college student from waldorf was shot and killed. the shooting happened at an off campus party across the street from fosburg state university yesterday morning. police say tyrone hall shot and killed 20-year-old brandon carroll during a dispute. both are students at the university. carr
investigation. >>> breaking news for you moments ago, toyota ordered dealers to stop selling the luxury lexus gx460. as alison harmelin reports, this comes after consumer reports issues a rare warning for that surf. >> consumer reports magazine is telling drivers not to buy the lexus gx460 suv. >> this is a fairly rare designation. last time we advised that consumers didn't buy a car with a safety risk was 2001. >> conducted by the magazine, the rear end swings outed with, until the gx is almost sideways. they say it takes too long to get the vehicle back under control. >> if this happened in real situation, a rear tire could hit the curve or slide off the pavement and this could lead to a rollover. >> reporter: lexus is toyota's luxury line. and the automaker says it is concerned about what consumer reports found. and will try to dew point -- duplicate the test. they said, please keep in mind that it meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. >> reporter: the luxury suv went back on sale in november. and since then, they have only sold about 5,000. the company says the consum
. >>> there is more reaction from toyota following a warning to consumers not to buy one of its popular suvs. coming up next, we'll tell you what the troubled automaker is doing now. a new push to charge one airline from charging you for those carry-ons. you're watching fox 5 morning news. we'll be back after the break.  >>> as toyota's troubles mount, the company says it plans to test the safety of all of its sports utility models. this comes as consumer reports warns the 2010 lexus has possible rollover troubles. toyota hasn't decided yet if it will recall the gs 460 but it has temporarily stopped selling it in north america. >>> there is a new push from capitol hill to ground spirit airlines' plan to make you pay for carry-s on. senators introduceed a bill that would charge the you're line if they charge you. we have a report. >> reporter: many airlines now charge to check baggage but a plan to charge for carry-ons may have gone too far. spirit airlines sparking a spirited debate after its announcement it would charge passengers $45 a pop for every bag stowed in overhead bins. spirit airlines sa
. a new problem for toyota. >> it has do with an old e-mail. >> and the confederate controversy, why virginia governor bob mcdonald is apologizing. >>> and emergency workers run into an >>> a bb gun scare led to a scare at a prestigious school in the district and two kids are facing charges. police got a 911 call yesterday morning alerting them to someone holding a gun in a car near st. albans school. the school was locked down as the grounds were searched of the national cathedral where the school is located. >> a subsequent canvas resulted in the discovery of what was believed to be a long gun in the the back of a vehicle on the campus. >> that long gun turned out to be a bb gun. an 18-year-old student and another student were arrested. they're facing charges of illegal possession and illegal transportation of a bb gun. >>> d.c. fire and ems were so overloaded with calls this week that one shooting victim never got an ambulance. he had to ride to the hospital on a fire truck. so what happened and how are emergency crewing going to make sure this don't happen again? news 4's jackie
and doreen, back to you. >> all right, tom sherwood reporting. >>> coming up tonight, toyota is taking additional steps to make sure all of its suvs are safe to drive. >> confusion over whether russia has stopped adoptions to the u.s. >>> president obama says nasa is not going away. he's unveiled his plan for the space age. >> i spectacular light show in the sky is captured on camera. >> weather,ver couldn't. >> today was comfortable. we are going to have a little heat around the area, though, tomorrow. coming up. lit feel like june, dan. >> coming up in sports, former wizards head coach gets the pacs. nats and phillies. plus, playoff time. caps head coach bruce boudreau gets fired up at the media. we will tell why you. "news4 at 6:00" continues. . president obama said the u.s. space program is not a luxury but necessity for the nation. he made that in a speech at the kennedy space center. trying to reassure workers he's committed to nasa's space program. kristen dahlgren joins us from cape canaveral, florida, with more. >> reporter: yeah. just a rt short time ago i spoke with senator
:42. still ahead, the latest recall ordered by the carmaker toyota. this one involves more than 10,000 subs. and a new iphone, an apple employee may have lost the prototype in a bar. and now pictures of it have been found on the internet. stay with us. >>> toyota is issuing another recall this morning. but this time the company is calling it a quick fix. the automaker has recalled the 2010 lexus gx 460 suv to address a potential roll over problem. nearly 10,000 of the vehicles have been sold in the u.s. since it came out in late december. toyota now says it will fix the problem by updating the stability control software program. in the meantime, sales of the new gx 460s have been temporarily halted. if you go to george washington university or you work there you may want to hold off buying a new ipad. the school says it's its network is having problems with apple's hot new product. gw says use areas can't log onto the network with ipad and may not be able to do so for nearly a year. the problem has to do with the school's authentication system. other colleges including princeton are also ha
about vehicles made by toyota and consumer reports are now urging people not to buy certain cars. >>> at 4:30, a teenage girl murdered by an alleged sex offender, now her parents are taking steps to ensure that it doesn't happen to anyone else. >>> at 4:45, popular social networking website is taking steps to keep users safe and secure in cyberspace. >>> check out this video. mall workers and customers had a close encounter with an unexpected shopper. deer crashed true a coffee shop door in blacksburg, virginia, and ran right inside the shop before making its way to a fitness club. once inside the deer smashed into a mirror while people were working out. the deer eventually wound up inside the locker room where police finally found him. unfortunately, the deer had to be put down because of all of his injuries. >>> it is beginning to seem like broke a broken record. more troubles for toyota today. for first time in nine years, consumer reports magazine warns tufts not to buy a specific vehicle because of safety concerns. the one in question is the new model of the lexus. leanne gr
a gun to his virginia school. we'll tell you what punishment he faces. >>> and more trouble for toyota. what consumer reports" is saying about a lexus model. chuck is back with a look how much rain we can expect today. stay with us. we'll be back. allergies? chlor-trimeton. hey, one dose of this, six hour relief. chlor-trimeton relieves itchy, watery eyes and sneezing for 12 full hours with less drowsiness than benadryl. it does all that? chlor-trimeton. less drowsy relief that lasts 12 hours. laxatives? i've tried all these. this one's gritty. this one can make you bloated. clearly, miralax is the one for me. it relieves my constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax. restore your body's natural rhythm. >>> right now, on news4 midday, police identify the cyclist killed after she collided with a national guard vehicle. police say environmental journalist and artist constance holden was on her way home from work when she was hit downtown washington, d.c. yesterday afternoon. the truck was providing a military escort for president obama's nuclear security summit at the time. the 68-
. >>> another blow today for toyota. consumer reports issues a rare warning saying don't buy this lexus suv. >>> also tonight, we're learning more about the fights that they should be killed by a national guards truck involving downtown security around the global nuclear summit. >>> it's just things don't always turn out that way. we are just so blessed. so blessed. >>> it's being called a miracle rescue. how an 11-year-old girl was found alive in an alligator incentive swamp after she disappeared four days ago. we'll be back. " >>> the county prosecutor will not press charges against the tennessee woman who sent her adopted son back to russia. they say that the fact the boy caught a flight out of dulles airport does not give them jurisdiction to prosecute the case. the u.s. mother returned the boy to the russian orphanage saying they failed to enclose his psychological problems. >>> an amazing rescue in florida today. it's being called a miracle. an 11-year-old girl with a form of autism was found alive this morning after being missing for four days in dangerous swampland. sandra hughs sho
turns. toyota says it will conduct tests on the 460 so it can correct problems. >>> the senate strikes back at airlines to keep you from charging you money. >> reporter: if maryland senator carton and some of his colleagues have their way, this idea of carry on baggage fees will be permenantly grounded. you will pay a lot to fly these days. >> used to be, when you got on the plane they gave you something to drink. they gave you a meal. now they take your food away from you. they won't give you anything to eat. >> reporter: it's not getting much better. spirit airline has announced that it will begin charging customers $45 at the gate for carry on bags. starting in august. >> since they're going to charge it, just put it into the ticket fee. don't turn around and charge you for a ticket then charge you for a bag, then charge you for a carry on. >> reporter: spirits plan is on the radar of some congress members who are criticizing carriers for creating a burden on fliers. >> but the decision by spirit airline to charge passengers a whopping $45 for a carry on bag has crossed the line. >>
the meeting his father on death row. >> and we have details on the lexus warning. toyota is taking a closer look at suv safety. >> it's going to be another picture-perfect day. it >> 5:10 on this thursday morning. adam caskey downtown in chinatown. the playoffs kickoff against montreal at home tonight at 7:00 p.m. we had our franchise regular- season. it will be incredible. the best of seven kicks off tonight to downtown. 50 degrees downtown. if the game is going to be indoors, so the weather does not clearly that. it's much cooler elsewhere. adams town is 36 degrees. the naval air station is 46 degrees. in the district, 50 degrees. it is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-70s's this afternoon. even norman tomorrow. -- warmer tamela. >> 95 virginia northbound, north of the rappahannock, a tractor- trailer jackknifed, ruptured its fuel tank and lost its rear axle. only one lane gets by on the interstate. you cannot exit from about three fredericksburg onto i-95 north. they've closed the exit ramp. ronald 1 is already jammed because this accident has been working for over an hour or. all t
nasa announcement. >> we have details about the warning about lexus. today toyota is taking a closer look at sport-utility vehicle safety. >> backups on the beltway and on 95 >> welcome back to good morning washinton on this thursday. adam caskey outside the verizon center. tonight the capitals will kick off the playoffs against the montreal canadiens. we did we and our first president strophic, having the best record in league with 54 victories. this is a franchise high for the washington capitals. we had many firsts this season. it's 51 degrees downtown. we are rocking the red. we are looking over the district. looking east. the sun is getting ready to rise over the verizon at 6:30. some temperatures in the 40's and upper 30's this morning. a lot of sunshine and mid 70's today. mid 80's tomorrow, partly cloudy. a few showers late friday night and early saturday morning. cooler for the weekend. >> challenges include out of tyson into bethesda, the inner loop at the beltway. we will show you why. accident after the american legion bridge, but before river road. notice the headlights
. >>> making headlines in the 7:00 hour now, toyota says nears are working -- engineers are working to correct the stability problems on the lexus gx 460. the magazine consumer reports slapped a do not buy rating on this truck. detroit immediately stopped selling the models in the u.s. and has not decided if it will conduct a recall yet. toyota said it does plan on testing the safety of all of the sport utility models again. >>> today president obama is expected to announce details of his long-term plans for nasa. instead of flying new rockets to the moon, the president wants to rely on private companies to fly into space over the next few years while developing a big new government rocket. it includes greater investment in innovation and more missions of. but several former astronauts, including neil armstrong do not approve. buzz aldrin, however, does approve of the president's new plan. >>> signs this morning of another big story in washington. they are getting ready for a big party down at freedom plaza. a tea party with a strong message for the government on this tax day. the nation's cap
with the delays and cancellations. plus, toyota announces new plans to improve safety. the carmaker is focusing now on suvs. >>> and in the next half hour, we sit down with d.c. council chairman vincent gray. we'll ask him about reports of budget surplus for d.c. schools after more than 200 teachers were fired. >>> new today, toyota says it will test all its sports utility vehicles. this comes after "consumer reports" magazine warned its readers not to buy the lexus 2010 gx-460 because of rollover problems. toyota owns the lexus brand and has not decided whether to recall that model. lexus gx-460 owners can get a loner car while the company figures out the problem. >>> russia has suspended all adoptions to u.s. families until both countries can agree on new procedures. but within the hour, state department officials said they had no confirmation of that suspension. news 4's elaine reyes joins us live from the newsroom with details. elaine? >> that's right, barbara. state dt department officials have yet to receive any sort of official word from russia, but they hope to clarify that later on tod
toyota grow. >> reporter: it takes more than just rising roadsides. >> we're reversing a downward trend inside the beltway. >> reporter: it's bringing in a new way of thinking along with a new difficulting. >> with the new art building they expect to add 5,000 residents without adding to the environmental burden. you can see the rest of the cool cities on our website, myfoxdc.com. >> thanks, mel. >>> it is 7:48 right now. 53 degrees out there. singing, dancing, talking plants. recognize that? little shop of horrors has it all. >> holly is at ford theater this morning. >> reporter: they don't necessarily going together. receipt re, humor, sci-fi and horror and why else wouldn't you burst into song. it is the little shop of horrors and it is at the historic ford theateare getting action. two puppeteers will show us why you need to see this version of the show and you need to see it here. it's all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  >>> if you are not familiar with little shop of horrors, it got it's start as a cult comedy from back in the '60s and it was made into
of is toyota. that's the car making headlines. there are other recalls out there. linda smith tried to shop smart for her teenager daughter so when the car broke down she got mad. turns out the broken part was a subjects of a recall issued before she bought the car. she took the car to the local dealer who made the $1,000 fix all for free. >> it was hugely important because i would have probably taken it to a local garage to have it fixed and paid for it. >> carfax vehicle history report company says last year 1.4 million cars recalled but not repaired changed hands. now they offer consumers a free recall check on the website. if you are buying a used car it is a good idea to check it out first. it doesn't cost you any extra. >>> government watchdog group released annual pig report. it outlines projects lawmakers put into the budget to benefit constituents at home. spending on earmarks is down 15% from last year. since 2006 earmarks are down 40%. >> everything else in washington is going up quite rapidly, congress has managed to reduce the number and cost of earmarks. >> some of the largest
for toyota. the automaker is temporarily putting the brakes on sales of the new lexus gx 460. this move comes after consumer reports magazine added the vehicle to its do not buy list. the property uncovered a rollover problem when drivers made turns in the suv. the company recently had to recall eight million vehicles worldwide for accelerator problems. >>> a new report by the u.s. department of agriculture may have you thinking twice about what's for dinner. the report finds government agencies are not doing enough to monitor the level of drugs, pesticides and heavy metals in beef. report says in 2008 a shipment of american beef was turned away by mexico because it contained too much copper. that same rejected meat could have been sold in trust. why? because america has no limit on copper levels in beef. as a result the report says meat containing traces of the substances can reach the food supply. advocates say that is is a problem. >> over time as they accumulate in the body they can affect organs and cause organ failure. some of the residents could be carcinogen i can. >> u.s.d.a. s
to protect that right. >>> a review of federal records by usa today shows that more than 130 toyota drivers told nitsa they are still experiencing unintended acceleration each after recalled cars were repaired. >>> well angry teachers rallied outside of the offices of d.c. chancellor michelle rhee this evening. they accuse her and mayor adrian fenty of using trumped up deficit numbers to justify the firing of more than 250 teachers last october. we learned yesterday the school system actually has a $34 million surplus. union officials and fired teachers are demanding their jobs back. >> we want to make sure that the teachers are restored with full benefits and rights and we also want to make sure that these teachers receive damages. >> i would like to be reinstated and i would like for all of my colleagues to be reinstated and also to be compensate ated for the time i was out -- compensated and she needs to give an apology for the insult and slander dispursed upon us. >> chancellor rhee told the washington post she became aware of the budget surplus in february. she said she didn't share th
:30 this morning a man was driving his toyota truck on the road when he crossed the center line and drove head-on into the car. driver of the smaller car was pronounced dead on the scene. >>> tonight the american civil liberties union of maryland says a muslim's woman application to be a foster mom was rejected because she does not allow pork in her home. according to the aclu the baltimore woman told the child agency she would honored the religious beliefs of any child in her care but they denied her application because of her pork restrictions. officials have not yet responded to requests for a comment. >>> with the tax deadline hours away, tea party activists are ready to spread the word. this morning a group rallied in towsend in preparation for a protest tomorrow. they are trying to send a message that government spending is out of control and needs to top. tea partyers have been busy holding rallies throughout the state. >> we are asking our legislators take a step back and understand everybody else in this economic time tighten their belts and close their wallets. government needs to do
the winter blues. toyota, ford, honda and gm all reported huge gains over this time last year. ford and toyota reported gains over 40% whilegm and honda reported sales increases of 20%. chrysler was the one big automaker to report bad news as sales falling about 8%. j.d. power and associates estimates that overall vehicle sales in the u.s. rose 23% in march. >>> ahead on "news4 at 4:00," need information online? topeka it. >> we will tell you why google decided to change its name. >>> more than obvious chemicals in pesty tides around your house that could poison your pet. >> don't forget about twitter and facebook. we are always posting updates and breaking news. you can find us on both sites by searching "news4 at 4:00." >>> if you have been on google today, you may have noticed that the popular search engine changed its name to topeka, as in topeka, kansas. officials at google, now to pea can a, say it was difficult to give up the hugely recognizable google brand but popular search engine is transitioning to this new name. if you are falling for this, you forget this is april fool
friday in texas where she has a home. conflict of personalities as the reason for the split. >>> toyota is announcing yet another vehicle recall today. the automaker says it is recalling 50,0002003 sequoias. the problem they say is in the car's stability control system. the the system can activate at low speed. the glitch prevents the suv from accelerating as quick quickly as the driver expects it to. toyota says the software upgrade to fix the problem is what is needed. >>> it was a growing problem in charles county, maryland, during the 2007 school year. 19 agers died in auto accidents to put it into the tragic new -- a driver safety program and they have had some amazing results ever since. john schriffen is here to tell bus that. >> reporter: according to your shirns which provides auto insurance in charles county, nearly 20% of auto accidents are caused by teens. a company says common causes are cell phones, alcohol, and not having enough experience on the road. after losing too many of the young people, charles county sheriff's department decided that the excuses behind the wheels
another shot tonight. >> thanks, dan. >>> coming up, could the toyota crisis create a huge shift in the auto industry? find out what it could mean the next time you go to the dealer. >>> nasa released some spectacular images of the sun. wait until you see this. >>> some law make verse blarsed spirit airlines 'new carry-on bag fee the. that airline's ceo is defending the fee. his name is ben baldanza. he got inside it when it was announced earlier this month. he said the fee will allow spir to it lower air fares. he says overall, the average customer will end up paying less than before. >> we don't so who loses. if you pay for a bag now on spirit, your total ticket price is going to be the same or a little less than before. if you don't carry a bag, help us get our planes out faster by not dloging up the airplane you will save $40 or more on your ticket. >> new york senator chuck schumer does not think much of the fees. he's pushing for legislation that would tax airlines for imposing such charges on passengers. >> general motors act set rated on the road to recovery. the auto com
'll tell you what you need to know. stand by. >>> another blow for toyota. one of its luxury lexus models gets a rare don't-buy rating from "consumer reports." what's behind this new safety concern? >>> and meet zeta. she's part of the next generation of bomb-sniffing dogs. we'll show you how their noses may help make america safer. >>> i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states, and around the world. the world. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> we begin with an urgent warning about possible terror activity at a popular vacation destination. an unusually blunt terms, israel's government is now delivering a dramatic message to israel's citizens. cnn's paula hancocks has the very latest from jerusalem. paula? >> reporter: wolf, all israelis should immediately evacuate egypt's sinai peninsula area. this is the urgent warning that israelis received this morning from the counterterror bureau. the bureau said they have concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap israelis in sinai. they're also taking the unprece
. toyota announced today that it will stop making the lexus gx 460 during safety testing under way now. the move comes after a consume reports warning on the suv. consumer reports notified toyota that the engineers discover ad potentially dangerous problem with the way the vehicle handles on curves. the current plan is to resume production on april 28th. president obama says that he's 100% committed to nasa's mission and its future. the president offered those words of encourage many today during a speech at florida's kennedy space center and responding to critics who beliefs the changes for nasa will deal a heavy blow to the space program. however, mr. obama says that big things are ahead. >> we will actually reach space faster and more often under this new plan in ways that will help us improve our tech follow logical capacity and lower our costs and are essential for the long-term sustainability of space flight. >> reporter: the plan includes $6 billion in funding that developed a rocket for destinations that could include mars. but it also turns over duties to private space compani
last year. toyota, honda and gm reported gains. ford sales up 43%. toyota was behind with 41% sales increase. honda and gm both reported increases of just over 20%. chrysler was the one dim spot with sales falling about 8%. >> active volcano in southern iceland is getting bigger and the images more spectacular. new brake is about 300 yards long and it opened up yesterday. producing new fountains of hot lava. geologist space it is not proving a threat prove ing a it is something to see. >> really incredible. beautiful. >> especially at nighttime. quite beautiful. >> i told you new york made both the lists. they didn't. they were the ones that paid proportionately less than the other states. >> okay. punishment is you have to fill out your census form. meanwhile, veronica will do the weather while do you that. >> you can probably get it done, barbara in three minutes. don't worry about it. >>> one of my favorite times of the year. i don't know about you but spring -- so nice out there today. with low humidity and the morning temperatures across the area, there is our gorgeous shot. to
is xpektsed on monday. >>> toyota has resumed sales of its lexus us suvs just one week after a recall. about 10,000 suvs were recalled because of possible rollover dangers. toyota says dealerships have the equipment to repair the stability control system. the announcement came after "consumer reports" issued a rare don't buy rating over concerns the vehicle could roll over in tight turns. >>> great medical news this morning for men. what if we told you thaw there was a drug you could take that would stop the spread of prostate cancer? the fda just approved such a drug called provenge designed to help the body's immune system. researchers are thrilled with the results. men who took it in trials had mild side effects and lived four months longer than those who didn't receive the treatment. >> it's exciting because this vaccine or immunotherapy works in a totally different way and complements the existing therapies that we have. >> the drug is not cheap. it will cost more than $90,000 a patient for three doseses. that's because the drug is custom-made for each patient. >>> after a really rough
say he might be driving a blue 1991 toyota van or a red 2001 ford f-350 pickup with a cover over the cab. he is facing several charges, including abduction and violation of a protective order. >>> racy pictures and videos of several bethesda teenagers have made their way from cell phone to cell phone by their own classmates. police investigating a sexting scandal at pyle middle and whitman high schools. in some cases, the photos were sold to students. we're joined with more details now. >> apparently the students posed willingly for the photos and were taken outside of the school. administrators have contacted the parents of the girls in those photographs as well as those who sold or purchased them. now, this discovery was made last week when a student brought an ipod touch to class with the explicit pictures. school officials notified police, then told parents in a letter the pictures were sold during the day. the school day at pyle middle school. in one case, a student collected money from classmates to let them see the photos. they don't believe school computers were used in a
taken to the hospital, with serious injuries. >> we have news of an important recall. toyota is recalling the 2010 lexus gx 460 as you need to address problems with the stability control system. -- lexus gx 460 suv. they halted sales last week. >> the supreme court is considering a case that could have an impact on how you use your cell phone or blackberry. there were arguments heard yesterday in the case of police officers in ontario, california. they accused the department of snooping after an audit of messages on department-issued devices on coverage racy and sexually explicit text messages. if the supreme court will hear the case later this year. >> coming up, the fight for financial reform, president obama wants wall street to shake up while its biggest supporter preps for a battle with lawmakers. >> more information could be at risk. >> a chilly start. rain could be on the way. it's a few degrees warmer than it was yesterday >> tuesday morning. welcome back to good morning washington. meteorologist adam caskey at the virginia metro station. it's quiet. a lot of people j
of his shots hit the robert. struggle ensued. then both suspects fled into a red toyota camry. -- one of his shots hit the robber. >> i have always been a fighter. i don't give up easy. >> he has already had two strokes and heart attack and these closing up shop for good. he says this is it. >> in downtown washington, terrifying moments caught on tape. a massive event broke off from an office building and spread to the ground and then landed on several parked cars in an alley behind connecticut avenue near n st.. a witness reported the incident with a video camera. no one was injured. >>> authorities do not appear to be in a hurry to prosecuted nearly 30 university of maryland students arrested during a post basketball game riot last month. prince george's county police have not released the names of those arrested. their lawyers said police knew their names -- gave their names to the university and other citations do not exist in the court system records. several police officers are under investigation for being a student during the riots. >> we have disappointing news from the nati
month, a jump in sales was fueled by huge incentives from toyota in an effort to overcome gas pedal problems. that spurred a price war with gm. ford also saw big business you want it credits its demand for fusion and taurus cars. one analysts say it's a sign that the struggling industry is finally on the road to recovery. >> what we're seeing right now, i believe, is we're seeing a turn in the auto industry that is sustainable. >> not all american automakers fared so well. sales of chrysler vehicles fell 11% in march. >>> this weekend you can pick up apple's latest creation, ipad. how well will it go over with consumers? >> reporter: apple ceo steve jobs gave the world a look at the ipad in january. saturday the world gets its hands on it. smaller than a laptop but bigger than a smart fond it packages familiar functions that has options for wireless and wi-fi. >> people who already have a smartphone and/or a notebook computer decide i need this too. >> reporter: adding to the appeal is the launch of electronic books through the popular itunes service. that makes the ipad a direct co
the gentleman with blood on his jacket getting into a red toyota camry. >> reporter: telling us that the emergency room personnel at nearby hospitals should be on the lookout with a man with unexplainable gunshot wounds. and for folks in this area to take precaution as these folks are armed and dangerous. we'll be out here monitoring developments and reporting the very latest for you. i'm alex trevino, 9news now. >> thank you for that. >>> 9news now has learned that a moving train on the metro's orange line. somehow separated into two parts late yesterday with passengers on board. transit officials have yet to release details. but passengers, they are talking about their disturbing experience. bruce johnson has been working the story with what you'll only see here on nine. >> think about it, take your seat. within minutes after taking off, the train separates into two trains. one with an operator, the other without an operator. >> it's a scary thought. something you don't really think about. >> reporter: metro says there is a destruction at landover in both directions. from seve
. toyota plans to test the safety of all of its port utility models. there are warnings that the lexus gs 460 has roll overproblems. >>> a sheriff's deputy is taking his beef with bugger king to court. he is suing a franchise in washington state etch says a worker spit in his whopper. the deputy said he had an uneasy feeling about two of the workers. he checked that burger out. dna testing matched the saliva to one of the workers who did plead guilty to assault. the deputy is suing for $75,000. >> it is when we do stories like this that makes me not want to go out to eat places like that. >>> coming up next, metro is making an apology over something that some say encouraged racial profiling. >>> common allergy symptoms can show up in pets, not just people. how to help your four-legged friends find relief from their misery. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to
. right now, get spectracide bug stop for the new lower price of just $4.98. >>> toyota resumed sales of its lexus suvs one we can after a recall. 10,000 suvs were recalled. they have the equipment to fix the stability control system. this announcement came after "consumer reports" issued a don't buy rating over concern it is vehicle could roll over in tight turns. >>> if you like it hot, some people do, get ready, folks. it is on the way. >> i'm one of them. likes it hot. and so some -- nice hot weather like june coming up this weekend. our cool spot currently is solomons. 68 degrees. ing the temperature. other locations are up into the 70s. 73 degrees in sterling. winchester, 72. culpeper currently in virginia at 75 degrees. we have the wind that's out of the west now. with the -- pretty dry air that's over us. the wind tomorrow will be switching more southwesterly. for the evening, 64. by morning, 52 degrees. the temperature. so not as chilly to start. again, wind that's going to be a mild one for us bringing in the warm breezes, high tomorrow is 83 degrees. loads of shine across t
%. the poll reflects more confidence in particular for ford and less for toyota. >>> another study shows that more than half of americans were not able to save any money during the past year but a large chunk of americans were able to put money away despite the recession. this is from the american institute of certified public accountants that reports 46% of us were able to squeeze out some savings just by cutting back on how we dined out, travelled, shopped. other reductions include medical expenses and high education. the study reports 54% of americans found it tough to sock way a few bucks every month. they say it is mostly because bills are piling up, especially credit cards and emergencies. >> i try to do a monthly contribution to the saving account. it does not always work. >> i'm not making any, not saving any more. something always comes up to take it away. >> about two-thirds of the people that took part in the survey saw their incomes drop in the past year. >>> speaking of bills, new benjamins will be released in just a few months. today the treasury department unveiled the new
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